Hydraulic nuts are designed to tighten large diameter bolts without causing the damage that occurs when hammer wrenches are employed. With the hydraulic nut solutions, customers can tighten large bolts with little to no effort and do so without causing any damage.
hydraulic tool

01. For the Big Jobs

Hydraulic nuts allow for fast, effortless tightening of large bolts. Hydraulic nuts have been employed on jobs with threads as wide as 20 inches in diameter.
hydraulic torque tool

02. Ideal for Tight Spaces

Hydraulic nuts are ideal for tight spaces where tools have a tough time fitting. Hydraulic nuts are commonly used on machine feet and press tie rods.
hydraulic torque tool
hydraulic tool

03. Solutions for Any Budget, Any Project

With four styles of hydraulic nuts to choose from, HYTORC can help you to meet your budgetary and project requirements. Most hydraulic nut solutions are made to order, so feel free to give us a call to talk about your next project.


With 50 years of experience dedicated to industrial bolting, we have solved almost every bolting challenge imaginable. Let our engineering team show you the possibilities.
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